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About Gilbert & Sullivan:
The Gilbert & Sullivan comic operas were composed between 1871 and 1896 in Victorian London. Their sparkling musical scores by Sir Arthur Sullivan and their dazzling lyrics by Sir William S. Gilbert have kept them popular throughout the English-speaking world ever since. They've been called the "Saturday Night Live" of their day for their satiric appeal, but they have proven universal and timeless in their comic and ironic treatment of human foibles through their "airy persiflage" and "innocent merriment." And the popular appeal of the music has endeared them to millions who cherish "laughing song and merry dance." They are arguably the most popular "musical comedies" ever written for the stage. For more information about Gilbert & Sullivan visit The Gilbert & Sullivan Archive or GSOpera.

Read the History of the Gilbert & Sullivan Society of Austin / 1976-2001 by Leland L. Smith

Our name changed from "The Gilbert & Sullivan Society of Austin" to "Gilbert & Sullivan Austin" in April 2017.

Our Mission:
Gilbert and Sullivan Austin was founded with the purpose of educating the public and preserving the works of Gilbert and Sullivan. Formed in 1976, the group now boasts over 300 members and entertains and educates thousands of Central Texas residents every year.

Grand Productions:
GSA is known for its highly acclaimed annual Summer Grand Productions (performed usually in June) from the G&S repertoire. These productions are fully staged, and performed with a live orchestra. learn more

Season Productions:
Several times throughout the year, the society produces recital musical performances of G&S selections as well as songs from opera and musical theater. In addition, other special programming such as celebrations and lectures are produced. Most are free to attend.

Several times throughout the year, the society produces a sing-along program of music and history featuring G&S and other musical works. G&S Musicales are full of singing and fun and are open to all. Musicales are free to attend.

Wand'ring Minstrels and Community Outreach:
Gilbert & Sullivan Austin is an educational group, dedicated to spreading and teaching the joys of G&S. The Wand'ring Minstrels are our ambassadors to the Central Texas community. The Minstrels perform for schools, private parties, and community groups of all types. Delightfully fun shows range from lively recitals of Gilbert & Sullivan's most popular tunes to interactive, mini-productions of full summer productions. learn more

Volunteer Opportunities:
If you are interested in volunteering, we would love to hear from you. learn more

Watch a 2015 video that tells the story of Gilbert & Sullivan Austin.
Board of Directors
Libby Weed President
Dave Wieckowski Treasurer & CFO
Robert L. Schneider Wand'ring Minstrels Coordinator
David Little Publicist & Webmaster
Michael Meigs Secretary & Bursar
June Julian Musicale Coordinator
Rosa Mondragon Harris Scholarships Coordinator
Diane Radin Grants Coordinator
Charles Smaistrla Legal Counsel
Allan Longacre Community Relations
David Treadwell Historian
Sarah Slaughter Volunteer Coordinator
Society Board Members
Board Members - January 10, 2016
Sue Caldwell Newsletter Editor
Arthur DiBianca Database Manager
Steven Schwartzman Events Photographer
Janette Jones Musicale Director
Chris Bugge
Byron Arnason
Special Projects
Austin G&S Hall of Fame
Sue Caldwell, Frank Delvy, Reba Gillman, Len Gillman, Russell Gregory, Enid Hallock, Janette Jones, Robert Mellin, Rosemary Russell-Vines, Katharine Shields
Inducted November 5, 2006
Arthur DiBianca, Bill Hatcher, Jeffrey Jones-Ragona, Ralph MacPhail, Jr., Libby Weed
Inducted March 3, 2011 - See photos
Hall of Fame induction - March 3, 2011
Dave Wieckowski, Monica Kurtz, Holton Johnson, David Little
Inducted October 20, 2016 - See photos
Hall of Fame 2016

Artistic Director

Ralph MacPhail, Jr.
Ralph MacPhail, Jr.
is Professor of Theatre emeritus, Bridgewater College in Virginia, where he taught and directed for 33 years. "Rafe" began directing for GSA in 1998 and was named our first Artistic Director in 2005.
More about Ralph
Music Director
and Conductor

Jeffrey Jones-Ragona
Jeffrey Jones-Ragona
maintains a full performance schedule at home and abroad. He has been GSA Music Director since 1994.
More about Jeffrey
The Society holds nonprofit status under 501(c)(3) of the IRS code.

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